On the morning of November 24, in the cozy campus of the Institute for Cultural Exchange with France (IDECAF), the scent of cinnamon, anise, cardamom, and cloves was fragrant. Pho cooking class for Consular delegations in Ho Chi Minh City

đại diện cho 12 lãnh sự đoàn tham gia
Chefs from the Ho Chi Minh City Chefs Association are introducing Vietnamese pho to guests attending the program.

Aiming towards Vietnamese Pho Day (December 12) and wishing to spread Vietnamese culinary culture to international friends, the Department of Foreign Affairs of Ho Chi Minh City coordinates with the Ho Chi Minh City Culinary Association and the Ho Chi Minh City Culinary Association. Ho Chi Minh City Kitchen organized a workshop "Pho cooking class for Consular Delegates in Ho Chi Minh City". 

Contributing to the workshop were staff from 12 foreign representative agencies in Ho Chi Minh City, including: England, Hungary, Australia, New Zealand, Belarus, Malaysia, Cambodia, Indonesia, Japan, China, and International Migration Organization (IMO). 

lãnh sự campuchia
The enthusiasm of the representative of the Consulate General of Cambodia for the pot of pho broth.
đội belarus với chứng nhậm tham gia workshop nấu phở
Belarusian Consulate officers were excited with the results achieved at the pho cooking class.

Cultural interference blends in the taste of Vietnamese pho

In this class, members will divide into teams and cook three pho dishes: beef pho, lamb pho and vegetarian pho under the guidance of a professional Vietnamese chef. 

Not 100% instructions on the entire pho cooking process, but Vietnamese chefs will only instruct the teams on what the standard pho taste is. On that basis, members will personally combine the native ingredients of their country to create new pho flavors that blend with the typical Vietnamese pho taste. 

nước dùng phở với hương vị quả mọng
Pho dish cooked with typical Belarusian cranberries.

Honor Vietnamese Pho in the eyes of international friends

Long Phuong Porcelain is pleased to sponsor the class with all high-quality household porcelain products, from bowls and plates to teapots and porcelain spoons, along with gifts for guests and teams participating in the program. 

quà gửi tặng khách tham gia chương trình
Long Phuong sent gifts to guests participating in the workshop.

After the teams' most dedicated bowls of pho were completed, they were presented delicately and attractively on Long Phuong white porcelain. Elegant and outstanding bright white porcelain tone, contributing to fully honoring the beauty and unique flavor of Vietnamese Pho. 

tác phẩm phở của các đội
Pho creation by a member of the British Consulate.
phở chay
Attractive bowl of pho from the Cuban Consulate.
phở cừu
Vietnamese pho with the typical dried fish flakes flavor of a member of the Japanese Consulate.

Sponsorship at “Pho cooking class for Consular Delegates in Ho Chi Minh City” lần này, Long Phuong Porcelain We hope to be a bridge to spread the beauty of Vietnamese cuisine and unique cultural messages to international friends. 


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