Field of activity

the Household porcelain products

With modern machinery lines from Germany and a team of skilled workers. Currently, Long Phuong Porcelain can create more than 100,000 high-class products every day. With strong and durable porcelain, good thermal shock resistance and preferential prices, Long Phuong's porcelain products have been trusted in 63 provinces and cities across the country. To promote Vietnamese porcelain products to all over the world, Long Phuong's upcoming goal is not only to promote domestically but also to export to all continents.

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Investment, rental
Real estate

From 2017 to present, Long Phương đã đầu tư phát triển bất động sản, cho thuê nhà xưởng và mặt sàn thương mại. Ngoài ra Long Phương còn là chủ đầu tư các dự án lớn về khu nhà ở như: Khu nhà ở Vũ Ninh, Khu nhà ở Trang Hạ, Khu nhà ở Đông Ngàn,…

Long Phuong's goal in real estate projects is to develop benefits for people, bring practical values, and preserve Vietnamese national cultural identity in general and each locality in particular.

Produce and
business Clean water

Doing business with the motto "Continuously bringing benefits to the Vietnamese", Long Phuong has been investing in clean water production, with strict censorship process, advanced water purification technology to ensure water quality. safe and most secure use to the end consumer. Currently, we provide clean water for the entire city of Bac Ninh (Exclusive of Que Vo 3 industrial zone and surrounding areas). With modern machinery and equipment, the capacity of the clean water plant can produce up to 75,000 m3 of water per day and night.

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Invest Finance

Currently, Long Phuong contributes capital to buy shares and invests in other projects and fields….