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Aiming at the goal of "creativity, excellence, efficiency", Long Phuong always puts hope in in new generations of products with the belief that best meet the tastes of customers.

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Field of activity

Long Phuong operates in many fields and industries with more than
 20 years in ceramics and real estate industry.

Become an organization that creates a lot many positive values for society, is a prestigious brand of the country's economy and reaches out internationally.

Long Phuong's porcelain products have preserved and continued the Vietnamese tradition of making ceramics for thousands of years. Long Phuong porcelain has participated in many important programs of Vietnam, contributing to promoting the quintessential beauty of the S-shaped country.
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Tầm nhìn Công ty cổ phần tập đoàn Long Phương

Always improve, create, accompany with the development of society, sharing benefits is associated with responsibility to the community.

During 20 years of establishment and development, Long Phuong has constantly improved, distilled the quintessence of heaven and earth, bringing to consumers the highest quality products. Accompanying thousands of customers nationwide, Long Phuong is a trusted brand chosen for many important important events in Vietnam. Not only that, Long Phuong carries on himself the responsibility of sharing with the social community by co-organizing, participating in charity, sponsoring meaningful programs to help people in difficult circumstances, creating opportunities for many students and young children.
About Us


Partners & Customers

Long Phuong is proud to be the official partner providing products for the system of 3-5 star hotels, resorts and restaurants and the partner providing gift products for leading departments and businesses.

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