Last May, Long Phuong organized a vacation combining team-building for more than 100 employees in Cat Ba (Hai Phong) with a series of attractive activities.

Besides production and business activities, one of the things Long Phuong always prioritizes is the mental health of all employees. For that reason, every year Long Phuong organizes vacation programs combining team-building to improve mental health, energize and increase cohesion for members. 

At the end of May 2022, Long Phuong organized a trip to Cat Ba (Hai Phong) with the participation of more than 100 employees. During their stay here, members participate in team-building with a series of exciting games such as tug of war, powder transfer, dragon egg transmission. The games are held at the seaside in an atmosphere of excitement, excitement and "blood" from all participating members.

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Games increase solidarity among employees, rhythmic coordination and enthusiasm both in work and activities have made teams high.

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"Work hard, play hard" to win, after each competition, the organizers choose the best team to give prizes to motivate employees.

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Long Phuong also organized a Gala Dinner with the participation of the Board of Directors including Chairman and General Director of Long Phuong Group. Through the program, employees have time to get close to and share with the Group's Board of Directors.


Chairman of Long Phuong Group Joint Stock Company, with more than 20 years of construction and development, the Long Phuong brand has increasingly affirmed its leading position in the Vietnamese market. In recent years, in addition to selling household porcelain, he has also expanded his activities in many fields such as real estate, clean water production, and financial investment.