The last 3 weekends, from September 22, 2023 - September 24, 2023, Long Phuong Porcelain Participate in the event "Bac Ninh space in the heart of Hanoi” in the walking street area, Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi. 

gian hàng sứ long phương tại sự kiện
Long Phuong's display booth at the event.

This is an annual event organized by the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Bac Ninh province, to promote the image of Bac Ninh culture and people to domestic and foreign tourists. 

khách tham quan sản phẩm
Welcoming the delegation to visit the booth.

Long Phuong Group Joint Stock Company Bringing to the event products imbued with Kinh Bac culture, wishing to spread high-end household porcelain products - sophisticated and safe for users' health. 

sản phẩm trưng bày
The products on display are loved by customers who buy them as gifts.

Visiting Long Phuong's booth, visitors can admire sophisticated porcelain products crafted from soil and the skillful hands of Long Phuong artisans. 

sản phẩm tinh xảo
Sophisticated porcelain products bear the mark of their homeland.
khách tham quan chụp ảnh
Tourists are delighted with Long Phuong's products.
đón tiếp khách tham quan
Customers visit products.

Long Phuong also organizes many meaningful activities for tourists such as giving away fans, organizing a free "Painting on Porcelain" mini game... which is enthusiastically welcomed by many tourists. 

mini game hoạ trên sứ
The activity of experiencing painting on porcelain attracts a large number of visitors.
chật kín khách quanh gian hàng
The booth was packed with visitors to see the products and experience painting.
niềm vui của khách hàng khi trải nghiệm
Customers shared happy moments when participating in Long Phuong Porcelain's booth at this event.

Proud of homeland traditions, Long Phuong honored to contribute quintessential products representing the hands and minds of Kinh Bac people.

Through the event “Bac Ninh space in the heart of Hanoi“, Long Phuong once again wants to spread high-quality, safe household ceramic products to domestic and international tourists. At the same time, always strive to become a trusted and beloved household porcelain friend in every Vietnamese family!


Chairman of Long Phuong Group Joint Stock Company, with more than 20 years of construction and development, the Long Phuong brand has increasingly affirmed its leading position in the Vietnamese market. In recent years, in addition to selling household porcelain, he has also expanded his activities in many fields such as real estate, clean water production, and financial investment.