On the morning of 11/11, at Aeonmall Long Bien, a very special event was held by Long Phuong Group Joint Stock Company with the theme "Single is not toxic". Program with many meaningful content, attractive minigame. Attracting a lot of attention and participation not only among young people but also middle-aged children and uncles.

An eye-catching welcome gate with the main slogan of the event "Single is not toxic"

Throughout the program, they want to look forward to the 11/11 Singles Day with the main theme sentence "Single is not toxic". Love is a choice and “Being single is also a choice. Don't choose someone to fall in love with because of loneliness and then waste your time in a toxic relationship." It is similar to how we choose dishes, “Choose what is most suitable and safe for you”.

Representative of the event organizer Long Phuong Porcelain shared: “This event we built according to a logical story. We take the image of the Train as a symbol for today's game content. Train is the embodiment of Happy Journey with 03 main compartments: Each compartment is 01 game, each game carries different messages and emotions.

The event attracts a large number of customers' participation

Compartment 01: Painting on porcelain "use your heart to understand yourself". Paint on porcelain the blooming colors, the burning desires in your own soul. Customers after painting on Long Phuong Porcelain are dedicated to wrapping them into free gifts.

The minigame "Painting on porcelain" is loved by many young people and parents

The second compartment is Darts with the message “See that stele is poisonous things. You have to be the one to face them. Either they will target you, the other is that you have to use all your strength to break them.” After the darts customer achieves the appropriate score, they will be given gifts of teapots, cups and cups made of high-class Long Phuong porcelain.

The third compartment is Tarot reading. “After all we need a solution, we need a direction on the journey to happiness itself.” Chamber 03 is the soothing, healing and healing of your soul.

The number of visitors is increasing day by day. Even the children with their parents enjoyed painting on bowls, plates, bowls and cups made of Long Phuong Porcelain

The final destination in the journey is the Wishing Tree, after having a solution, it is necessary to look forward to a better future. Write your future self a wish and stick it on the tree. The creative and unique point lies in the material that makes up the Wishing Tree. It is made from Long Phuong bowls and plates with only one main color "White".

Gen Z friends excitedly check in with the finished product after participating in the minigame "Painting on porcelain"

The whole show took place in 12 hours (from 10am - 10pm) and received a lot of love from everyone. It can be said that this event is very meaningfully staged from the messages hidden in each game that the event organizer has built. Not only creating an entertainment space for the Singles Association, but Long Phuong Porcelain also sends positive and humane values ​​to single and non-single people.

Not only Gen Z, who are single, but also parents enthusiastically responded to the meaningful and civilized messages that the program conveyed.

Several newspaper sources reported on the incident·Long Phuong Group Joint Stock Company with the theme "Non-toxic single".


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