Long Phuong is a company specializing in the production and trading of high-class fine art and household porcelain products. Throughout the journey of 20 years of development, Long Phuong aims to bring quintessential products to customers and continue to reach for further dreams.

Chairman Nguyen Tien Long Nguyen Tien Long, Chairman of Long Phuong Group was elected as Chairman of Bac Ninh DNT Association VI

The first steps of the journey 

In 2002, Long Phuong Group Joint Stock Company was officially established, bringing with it the dream and passion of bringing the quintessence of earth and heaven into porcelain products made by Vietnamese people, for Vietnamese people to use. To have the success and development as it is now, Long Phuong has started from a small step. 

When remembering the first day of establishment, Mr. Nguyen Tien Long - Chairman of Long Phuong shared that the company had only 60 workers working in a small factory at that time. Long Phuong's name at that time was small and modest, standing in the middle of a large and challenging market.

On that day, Long Phuong determined to carry on his mission: "Constantly improving benefits for Vietnamese people”. Specifically, the value for customers is the basis and decisive factor for the development of the Company. This is also the "guideline" to help Long Phuong overcome difficulties and challenges in the first day of establishment. 

With the particularity of the household porcelain business - an item with many risks due to its fragile nature, and at the same time a traditional product with many domestic and foreign competitors, Long Phuong has gradually learned, draw experience to develop more and more, gradually affirming its position in the market and society.

“Write small steps for a big journey” – That is the motivation for Long Phuong to gradually improve and improve product quality to win the trust of Vietnamese people. From small factories, Long Phuong gradually upgraded the system of more modern production machines to meet the needs of consumers. The company also researches and considers the most advanced foreign systems to apply in product production.

Going beyond the waves, reaching out to the big sea

Long Phuong Group Joint Stock Company

Over the years of development, Long Phuong has gained a certain foothold in the market and gradually became a name trusted by consumers. One of the things that make an impression in the hearts of Long Phuong's customers is the glossy enamel, the product has high durability, the surface is not dusty, and the variety of models and types. 

If at the beginning of its operation, the company only had 60 employees, by 2014, Long Phuong had 400 employees, this number continues to increase in the range of 20-25% annually. The average income of employees also increases year by year. 

Long Phuong creates a business environment based on "the strength of the system, the strength of the collective", actively building a working environment where all employees, in different positions are capable of developing. career and skill development. 

Long Phuong porcelain sets the purpose of the brand vision to achieve the goal of market development, production and business development and business development based on the brand, development of related products and services based on the brand. on market research, consumer behavior research and potential. 

Long Phuong creates a business environment based on "the strength of the system, the strength of the collective"

With target “Product quality is the survival of the business”, “Customers give us everything”, With the non-stop efforts of the whole team every day, Long Phuong's market share is increasingly expanding. 

In 2005, the company came into operation with an initial area of 3,300m2 workshop, 10 forming machines, a single furnace of 12m3 and a 2-ton earth smelting mine. After 10 years, the number of factory areas increased to 62,000m2 of modern factories and a 3-storey operating building with an area of 1,200m2, the number of machines also increased significantly with a series of the most modern and advanced machines and mass production lines. The production and business activities of the Company achieved high efficiency.

Currently, Long Phuong has more than 500 items from ordinary white goods, high-class white goods, to high-class flower stickers. This number has increased 100 times since the Company was established. This represents the creativity of the Company to bring to the market new products. Long Phuong's average growth rate also increases sharply every year.

Up to now, the market expansion has partly shown the business efficiency of the Company, the product is not enough to meet the current market. In addition to using available strengths such as modern production lines, enthusiastic and dynamic staff, Long Phuong has been increasingly drawing on experience in the market to serve more and more customers. better for customers and more efficient for the business.

In parallel with promoting business, Long Phuong always promotes the activities towards community values, spreading meaning in life.

 Long Phuong donated the Golden Heart Fund to Bac Ninh Young Entrepreneurs Association with the amount of VND 300 million

Since 2009, Long Phuong has sponsored congenital heart surgery for children in difficult circumstances, helping thousands of children overcome their circumstances and continue to dream in the future. The company participates in sponsoring the construction of houses for poor households, building houses of gratitude, giving souvenirs to relatives of martyrs' families on the occasion of July 27 every year. 

In addition, the Company supports and sponsors blood donation activities, blood drops of gratitude in many localities. The company participates in sponsoring the province's friendly reading room, donating many bicycles and computer rooms to schools in the province on the occasion of the new school year opening and many other charity activities.

Future orientation

One of the things Long Phuong always worries about is how to fully honor the beauty of Vietnamese dishes. The image of traditional dishes from molded eggs, sour soup, fried vegetables, ... bold Vietnamese has been attached to Long Phuong's white porcelain plate and white porcelain bowl. 

This has prompted Long Phuong to increasingly improve the quality of products to be accompanied in Vietnamese meals whether in family spaces, or hotels and restaurants. 

When visiting Long Phuong's Showroom, customers are carefully selected and consulted about suitable product models according to their needs. In particular, Long Phuong's online sales channels and e-commerce platform are also increasingly enhanced, improved and expanded, bringing products to customers wherever they are. Online shopping experience with Long Phuong is increasingly being positively evaluated by customers.

Long Phuong cup kettle set printed with high-end Quan Ho image made on Long Phuong brand

Long Phuong's journey does not stop there, Long Phuong continues to dream of new heights, to try new places, in challenging foreign markets. The "big sea" is still waiting and Long Phuong will continue to print its successful footprint at many stages in the future.


Chairman of Long Phuong Group Joint Stock Company, with more than 20 years of construction and development, the Long Phuong brand has increasingly affirmed its leading position in the Vietnamese market. In recent years, in addition to selling household porcelain, he has also expanded his activities in many fields such as real estate, clean water production, and financial investment.